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We've created influencer networks and campaigns for Fortune 100 brands, media companies, and startups alike.

Though our work with them spans industries, countries, and KPIs, we are known for consistently delivering the top-shelf strategy, logistical, and relationship-building services our clients obviously expect.

Here are a few examples of our tech and marketing smarts in action.

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New York Times College

Reward: $100 Amex Gift Card, 8 Weeks Unlimited Digital NYT Access, T-shirt

The objective: Get 65 college-aged influencers to post about the Times' college subscription and raise brand awareness with the demographic.

The content: Influencers created posts about the New York Times' app, showing it off in all its glory on screen.


2.1M impressions
65 influencers
20,169 average followers
456 average likes per post
2.28% engagement score

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essynoir (41,552 followers)
Got my friends on board this awesome deal for $1/week digital all access subscription to @Nytimes πŸ’­ ...
581 likes | 1 comments

jennavina (19,033 followers)
Taking a little break from editing and what better way than catching up on some fashion reads. #NYTc ...
536 likes | 5 comments

aphada (12,740 followers)
Mornings with coffee & @nytimes using my $1/month student subscription! #nytcollege #sponsored
515 likes | 5 comments

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Reward: Free Smart Ring from Ringly

The objective: Confirm 20 influencers to promote the launch of Ringly's incredibly cool wearable tech rings for women.

The content: Influencers were asked to post about the technology behind the ring in depth and to explain to their followers its features, all the while creating on-brand content.


1,4M impressions
22 influencers
49,108 average followers
600 average likes per post
12.4% engagement score

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helloitsroxie (16,827 followers)
Have you heard of @ringly ? This super stylish ring notifies me anytime I get a phone call, text mes ...
405 likes | 14 comments

thenamlife (14,311 followers)
The chicest little gadget I own! Thank you @ringly for this gorgeous emerald ring! What's better tha ...
1150 likes | 5 comments

beautilitarian (16,444 followers)
Ring ring, who's there? 2017, that's who (bet you saw that one coming.) And if you haven't noticed ...
437 likes | 41 comments

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Plymouth Gin

Reward: A cruise around the world

Full service? No problem. For Plymouth Gin, we've executed a global social media strategy and account takeovers in the US -- in addition to an influencer program that included Leo Chan of @levitatestyle traveling to 25 countries as a brand ambassador, and meeting dozens of influencers along the way.

With all of these services working together alongside paid promotion, we were able to produce incredible results:

23M impressions

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levitatestyle (61,950 followers)
Let's get the weekend started! Enjoying this amazing view of #Singapore with @onceinalifetimejourneys and #plymouthgin cocktails πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬πŸΈ #plymouthexplorer @plymouthginus www.levitatestyle.com #LevitateSingapore
909 likes | 7 comments

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levitatestyle (61,950 followers)
Diving right into the local cuisine - The #Penang Laksa Noodles & Sugarcane juice πŸœπŸŽ‹πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ #Malaysia #plymouthexplorer @plymouthginus www.levitatestyle.com #LevitateMalaysia
799 likes | 9 comments

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levitatestyle (61,950 followers)
Tokyo Night III - Enjoying the smooth taste of Plymouth Gin white lady cocktail with this amazing panoramic viewπŸΈπŸ—Ό Influencer meeting with @diggy3625 - thanks for the recommendation! #plymouthexplorer @plymouthginus www.levitatestyle.com #LevitateJapan
700 likes | 10 comments